The Chinese Brush Painting Society (CBPS) is a group of San Diego artists dedicated to learning and promoting the ancient art of Chinese brush painting and calligraphy. The Society currently has over thirty active members, including many accomplished artists, some of whom have traveled to China for in-depth study with Master painters and calligraphers.

Society members meet regularly to share ideas on all aspects of Chinese brush painting and host workshops on different styles of traditional and contemporary Chinese brush painting and calligraphy. Artists of all levels of experience are encouraged to participate in workshops and join the Society. Skilled long-time members support, encourage, and mentor new and emerging artists.
The Society has exhibited as a group annually at the Spanish Village Art Center in Balboa Park in San Diego for over 25 years, as well as other venues in San Diego. Individual artists have exhibited their work at various galleries, museums, and special events locally, nationally, and internationally. Members also participate in competitive exhibits such as the San Diego County Fair and the American Artists for Chinese Brush Painting.
The group was originally organized in 1980 by students of Jean Shen, a renowned artist and teacher of brush painting and calligraphy, who first introduced Chinese brush painting to educational programs in San Diego colleges and universities - read more about Jean Shen

What is Chinese Brush Painting?

Chinese brush painting is a highly valued ink and watercolor art form that originated in ancient China and has been preserved in its traditional form throughout history.

The materials of Chinese brush painting- bamboo animal hair brushes, ink, ink stone, and rice paper- are the same now as they were for the ancient calligrapher.

Chinese brush painting emphasizes perfecting brush strokes in concert with the artist’s spirit and considers white space an important part of the painting to create balance, simplicity, and serenity.

Calligraphy (Chinese characters) and Chinese seals (chops) are used to title and sign artwork. Certain elements of nature have significance and symbolization in China, such as Orchid (Spring), Bamboo (Summer), Chrysanthemum (Autumn), and Plum Blossom (Winter), and are common subjects of Chinese paintings.

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